Terms and Conditions

By using StretchGO (StretchGO.com platform and website, as well as, StretchGO ads and other sister platforms), you automatically agree to the following terms and conditions:

1.0. Account ownership:

1.1. You can only own one account at StretchGO. This account should be owned by a real person found at a real place in any part of the world. StretchGO reserves the right to verify the real ownership of any StretchGO account. The method used to verify any account may vary from time to time.

1.2 For our advertisers, it is optional to open accounts at StretchGO. In cases where you need to post adverts on your own, it is a must to open and maintain an account at StretchGO. However, if you want anonymity, you may contact StretchGO to place the advert on your behalf. The Ads platform is found at www.stretchgo.com/ads

1.3. For the IN NEEDS, you must create and maintain an account with StretchGO to be able to ask questions and get replies, post projects to receive bids, and to purchase posted services.

1.4. For the EXPERTS, you must create an account at StretchGO, pay the subscription fee and maintain that account. It is very important for the experts to be active to avoid the risk of loosing accounts due to suspension for inactive accounts. Expert subscriptions must be renewed each year when they expire. An active account is that whose subscription is active.

1.5. You must ensure privacy of your account. The loss of your StretchGO login details and or GO coins cannot be held to the responsibility of StretchGO. StretchGO will ensure maximum security through available security technology methods. However, this is not a warrant of the user's negligence.

1.6. You cannot own a StretchGO account not in your names. You must register your own account and go through the verification process for EXPERTS.

2.0. Payment methods

2.1. StretchGO only accepts payments and pays through Paypal and Mpesa payment methods. These payment methods may be reviewed from time to time. At the time you do not see a certain withdrawal or payment method when withdrawing or paying, you will be required to use the supported payment method on the process form regardless of whether the payment or withdrawal method is stated at the site general guides.

3.0. Payroll period.

3.1. StretchGO provides a platform for experts to help those in need with answers to their concerns, as well as actual needed services. When an expert commits his/her time, he or she earns GO coins in the GO coins account and US Dollars in the US Dollar account.

3.2. You can only withdraw GO coins during payroll periods. These sessions are dated: 1st - 3rd and 15th - 17th of each month. You must not request any withdrawal during any other dates other than the specified ones.

3.3. When a withdrawal is requested, it cannot be reversed. It will be processed sometime between 1 and 3 business days from the withdrawal request date and time.

3.4. When a withdrawal is requested during other dates not within a payroll period through our automated withdrawal request methods or is done against our terms and conditions, it will neither be refunded nor processed. Such accounts may attract a suspension and/or termination without prior notice or warning.

3.5. You can only request a withdrawal once per payroll session. Be keen to make up your mind on when and how much GO coins you intend to withdraw before submitting a withdrawal request because of 3.4 above.

4.0. Account suspension and Termination.

4.1. Any account at StretchGO may be terminated at any time without prior warning or consultation with the account holder if StretchGO HR department believes that the account holder is in conflict with one or more of the StretchGO TOS or the account holder's behavior denies the rights of other StretchGO users or insights other users against StretchGO.

4.2. All experts MUST reply to posted questions where and when they have detailed information to post an answer. All answers must be very useful and answer the topic question in details and if possible, in diagrams.

4.3. There is nothing like "YES" for a reply to a question posted by an IN NEED or any member. Answers must be qualified and quantified.

4.4. Accounts suspended cannot login. Their data is kept for future reference.

4.5. Accounts terminated cannot login. Their data is kept for future reference.

5.0. GO coins value.

5.1. A GO coin is the value of any activity that a StretchGO user performs at StretchGO platform. It is therefore not a real coin managed by any bank or financial institution. The value of a GO coin is determined by StretchGO itself during any payroll depending on the overall activity and the cumulative effort of the StretchGO community. It is the responsibility of each user at StretchGO platform to appreciate and/or depreciate the value of a GO coin. You therefore, acknowledge that you will be engaged in activities that make GO coin value appreciate or stabilize.

5.2. There is no warranty of your ownership of GO coins as GO coins are a measure of what you do at StretchGO and the cumulative value of what you do and others do on the platform accrues.

5.3. GO coins must be earned through a combination of the allowed earning methods. You MUST not request a withdrawal of GO coins earned through only one activity. There must be an equal or near equal measure of earning through the various allowed earning methods for a valid withdrawal to be processed. In the event that a withdrawal is made of GO coins earned through one kind of activities or less than one percentile of the minority activity, such GO coins will neither be processed nor refunded to the account. It is the responsibility of the account holder to check through his/her own activity to ensure equal or near equal distribution of the various ways of earning GO coins before requesting a withdrawal.

 6.0. Penalties.

6.1. StretchGO applies a fine/penalty to the accounts of EXPERTS who post spam content or wrong answers on topics and questions. This is for the sole reason of ensuring the quality of the answers provided to the IN NEEDS are of the highest quality in the web. QAD (Quality Assurance Department) is responsible for this. Staff in the QAD will scan answers placed in a certain topic and delete and apply penalty of up to 50% of the answer value to the account of the member who placed that wrong answer. It is therefore important that each and every member on StretchGO who decides to place an answer on any question should place an answer which is 100% correct to help the IN NEEDS.

6.2. There is nothing like half-fact. You either know the answer or you do not know the answer. If you do not know the answer to a posted question, simply leave it. Someone who knows the answer will eventually answer it. You may post an answer, earn a GO coin; then loose that GO coins and get a penalty when the QAD visits your answer. This will be a complete waste of time.

6.3. Repeated posting of wrong answers will attract a suspension or termination of your account or answering previledge.

Read the posting and replies rules in this link: https://www.stretchgo.com/terms-and-conditions/61-news-events/82-posts-and-replies-rules.html



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