Setup a dollar account

To begin with, a StretchGO dollar account is the account which helps the Experts help the IN NEEDs with actual goods and services. Unlike the GO coins account, the dollar account is denominated in US dollars.

The Experts will use this account to:

a). Check for available projects, bid on them and when selected by the IN NEEDS, complete and get paid by the client through the StretchGO escrow system. The Experts can then withdraw the earned USD ( withdrawal threshold at 25 USD) and the withdrawals are processed within same day.

b). Show case the services that they can offer to the In needs who order directly from them.

The IN NEEDS use the StretchGO dollar account to:

a). Post projects to receive best bids from verified Experts and have them completed by their selected bidder.

b). Review posted services and order the ones they like, pay and get them delivered by the posting Expert.

So, how exactly can you setup a Dollar account?

To begin with, it is very important at this point to mention that the StretchGO Dollar account works best in desktops. Through desktops or personal computers (PC), you can deliver the projects easily to clients. However, you may use your phones to review your dollar account activity and progress of your bids and projects.

Step-wise guides on how to setup this on demand dollar account:

1. Click the "Home" tab.

2. Click signup.

3. Choose your member type; either Expert or IN NEED.

4. Select the membership plan.

5. Pay the subscription fee if any. For the first year, IN NEEDS pay no subscription fee, but the Experts pay USD. 5 + VAT. IN NEEDS pay $2 + VAT per year after a one year of using the platform for free.

6. Your subscription will be activated automatically if you pay via Paypal and manually within an hour if you pay via Bank Wire transfer or Mpesa.

Note: Experts who already own an active GO coins account will have their account activated within an hour of going through the process above and choosing Bank transfer payment and writing a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting activation of their Expert dollar account without paying.

DO not pay as an existing verified Expert, just go through the process above and write to HR as soon as you click "Checkout". DO NOT PROCEED to pay.

For new ones, you MUST pay subscription to proceed.

Once your account is activated, you can proceed to:

A). Post the services you can best offer the IN NEEDS.

B). Create your free advertisement account on and get it funded for free to help you reach a huge number of clients.

C). Create your unlimited text and banner advertisements.

D). Serve any IN NEEDS who order your services or GOODS.

You may also keep track of the projects posted to bid, get selected and complete them at a pay.

When paid, your dollar account is credited and you can withdraw anytime.




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