I will design a good banner to use on your StretchGO advertisements

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I will design a good banner to use on your StretchGO advertisements.
If you do not know, StretchGO is one of the best places to get customers ordering your services.
You will need to create a service like the one you are reading right now.
But to get lot of customers landing and ordering your service, you need to advertise.
StretchGO offers a free advertisement opportunity on www.stretchgo.com/ads to help get as many customers to your services as possible.
When these customers order, you earn money when you offer the services.

I will help you with the technical bit. To design your banner for a cheap price.

Get more with Add-on(s):

+ $2.00
+ $2.00
+ $12.00
This is the price of creating the banner only. I will create an image of the banner of whatever dimensions you specify and send to you.
I will need:
1. The specific dimensions of the banner you need.
2. The writings you need on the banner. This reflects which services you want to advertise.
3. Your favorite colors to be used on the banner.
Delivery in 2 day(s)
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