Pay Fee via Mpesa

To pay the StretchGO ERC- EXPERT application fee using Mpesa, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Safaricom SIM Tool Kit, select M-PESA menu,
  2. select “Lipa na M-PESA
  3. Select “Buy Goods and Services
  4. Select “Enter Till number as: 128901.
  5. “Enter Amount“, as: "499"
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN
  7. and press “OK”

You will receive an Mpesa message stating that you have sent money to STRETCH GO.

Copy the Mpesa confirmation code and send an email as follows to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :

1. Your full names.

2. The Mpesa confirmation code you received after making the payment.

3. Attach your passport-size photo.

4. Attach your academic credentials that are relevant to the area of expertise which you are applying for.

5. Resume.

6. Up to 10 links of posts you have done on StretchGO that demonstrate your strong ability to help StretchGO IN NEEDS in the area of expertise you are applying for.

Your application (if complete with all the above details) will be replied to same day.

After review of your application and you are found that you do not satisfy the required criteria to become a StretchGO EXPERT, you will be put on mentorship (for only one week), a level that attaches you to a StretchGO mentor who will mentor you to ensure you attain the requirements of a full EXPERT at StretchGO. During this mentorship week, you will be earning GO coins but cannot withdraw. After the mentorship week, you will be able to withdraw all accumulated GO coins.

A successful applicant will be approved to EXPERT - verified level straight away within 1 month of training and graduation on the ERC portal.





We are now extending our help to the IN NEEDS from INFORMATIONAL help to REAL/ACTUAL help. We want those looking for services and goods to get those services and goods from our experts; not just the information. With this new extension of the help our EXPERTS offer, the IN NEEDS are going to order for services and goods from the EXPERTS right here on StretchGO. We know that IN NEEDS need: 1). Information ==> They are looking first to get informed before they make another step. Our Experts will continue offering this informational support to the IN NEEDS. 2). The…