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StretchGO Ads is a platform which helps businesses and freelancers reach their customers easily. It helps them sell their goods an services. It is found on

There are two major ways you can advertise your goods and services on StretchGO.

1. Free advertising on StretchGO (For StretchGO Experts).

2. Paid Advertising on StretchGO (For other businesses).

 Free advertising on StretchGO (For StretchGO Experts).

StretchGO offers free advertising on StretchGO to all StretchGO verified experts to reach their customers with their posted services.

Verified StretchGO experts will have their advertiser accounts topped up with bonus amounts to cater for their advertising costs till they succeed getting customers to order their services posted on StretchGO dollar account. Open your StretchGO Expert dollar account on and your advertiser account on

Paid Advertising on StretchGO (For other businesses).

If you own a business or a website or blog and would like to reach a good number of customers or leads, post your paid advertisement on StretchGO ads platform found on .

Here, you will get the best converting website traffic and leads to your offline or online business.

You can place text or banner ads which will be advertised on the StretchGO platform.



Things can be tough for Experts who are trying to freelance online. While many things may get tough, the toughest thing is always and will always remain "how to land the first client who buys your service". In this post, I will explain to you how it is very easy to land your first client to buy your services here on StretchGO. First, StretchGO offers a very easy way to market your freelance services. As an Expert, you can post your services by navigating as below: Login ==> Click "Projects" - a drop down menu appears ===> Click "My services"…