StretchGO platform works by making sure you have a reason to smile anytime you are an EXPERT or IN NEED. On this page, we will have a look at how StretchGO works and how to really be part of this great platform.

 First of all, it is very important to understand that StretchGO consists of two major types of members: The EXPERTS and the IN NEEDS.

1. Registration:

Registering an account at StretchGO can be done at anytime of the day, week, month, or year. To register, you simply click the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" link below the login form, choose your user type or group (whether you are an EXPERT - want to offer some services, OR your are an IN NEED - looking for some services from an expert). 

You need to supply valid information on the registration form.

The IN NEEDS account is free for the first year and subsequent years will cost only $1 per year.

This IN NEEDS account type allows you to get:

a). Free informational help from experts on the StretchGO forum.

b). Help with your needed services and projects at a very affordable fees. They could be tasks you want completed in your office, home, or even online by freelancers, StretchGO gives you only verified, trusted, legitimate Experts to work with. In fact, we do disable any Expert account from people who do not pass these principles.

c). You only pay for ordered services when delivered successfully. For instance, if you came across someone to build your website, you can release in milestones till your project is completed and you have the StretchGO team to vouch for in case something goes wrong. You pay through the StretchGO escrow system which just keeps your money in safe custody for both you and the Expert. The expert will be sure to get paid when he or she completes the project and you will be sure to get a refund when the service is not completed the way you needed done.

This is very safe for both you and the expert.

The Experts account is charged $4.99 + VAT per year.

With the Experts account, you get:

a). An International platform to showcase your skills and passion.

b). Unlimited number of direct clients.

c). 100 us dollar worth of free advertising for your listed services on the StretchGO ads platform.

d). Free Targeted adverts on the StretchGO forum which are contextual in nature to ensure a high probability of getting direct clients for what you offer.

c). Free SEO on your StretchGO services. In fact, when you post a service on StretchGO, it ranks top on search engines within the same hour.

d). Secure platform to offer your services to the international community.


Once you are done registering, an email will be sent to your email address (used to register) with a link to verify the validity of your email.

At this point, you can now login with the username and password supplied during registration after clicking the verification link.

The IN NEEDS account is automatically active and you can start posting projects for Experts to bid on.

But for the Experts account, you will be contacted in a few hours to ensure you are real and to be asked for some credentials to verify your expertise on the skills you provided during registration. This is to ensure that StretchGO IN NEEDS get the services of the quality they need.

After the above step, everybody automatically can participate on the StretchGO stretch now or forum platform.

Everyone earns GO coins which are withdrawable during AGMs (Annual General Meetings). They are a measure of the value you offered on the internet. You can withdraw through Paypal or Mpesa and if present on the AGM meetings, you can get a check for the GO coins you earned during the previous financial year.

Note: Previously, GO coins were withdrawn every two weeks in a month. This has changes with the (extension of the help given to needs program) which has seen StretchGO users get two accounts:

a). A GO coins account: Where GO coin earnings from help given on the StretchGO forum accumulate.

b). A dollar account: Where Dollars earned from direct services to IN NEEDS accumulates. => This is withdrawable anytime after the completion of a task paid by the IN NEEDS through the StretchGO escrow system.

The forum is accessed by clicking the "STRETCH NOW" link on the top menu.

The GO coins account is accessed through the "GO coins activity" link on the top menu for logged in users only.

The Dollar account is accessed through the "Home" link on the top menu for logged in users only.

2.0. How to earn GO coins.

GO coins is the value you earn when you help those in need on the StretchGO platform. To earn, you join, post tutorials on topics which you are passionate about, share your posts with readers in social, search, and blog media, and participate in discussions raised by other StretchGO members. You can also refer other users using your referral link located inside your activity page. For Experts, the activities that help them earn GO coins are more than for IN NEEDS. The rate is also higher.

If you want to earn GO coins by posting new guides/tutorials or questions that other people might be looking for, you will need to follow the relevant posting guide as detailed on: Types of content which will drive the GO coin to a great value - an Expert guide.

To earn GO coins by replies to questions, you must follow the replies rules as detailed here and the guidelines as highlighted on this link on replies.

3.0. How to withdraw GO coins.

It is simple to withdraw earned GO coins. Locate the Withdraw GO coins section on the right of the StretchGO platform and request a withdrawal via Paypal or Mpesa. You must own a valid paypal account or Mpesa Number to withdraw GO coins.

The conversion rate is maintained by StretchGO and is communicated two weeks before any AGM.

Note: StretchGO now has a formula to determine the value of GO coins. This will be released in the near future. It helps all GO coins holders calculate the value of a GO coin.

You will be paid using:

1. Mpesa ===> Read here for The process to withdraw to Mpesa .

2. Paypal ===> Locate the Paypal withdrawal method on the right panel of StretchGO platform during payroll sessions. 


<---------------------------This page is under maintenance. Please check back soon for more info --------------------------->





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