StretchGO platform works by making sure you have a reason to smile anytime you are an EXPERT or IN NEED. On this page, we will have a look at how StretchGO works and how to really be part of this great platform.

 First of all, it is very important to understand that StretchGO consists of two major types of members: The EXPERTS and the IN NEEDS.

1. Registration:

Registering an account at StretchGO is FREE and will always remain FREE  and can be done at anytime of the day, week, month, or year. To register, you simply click the "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" link below the login form. You need to supply valid information on the registration form.

Once you are done registering, an email will be sent to your email address (used to register) with a link to verify the validity of your email.

At this point, you can now login with the username and password supplied during registration after clicking the verification link.

After the above step, everybody automatically becomes an IN NEED. This means you can post any issue on StretchGO forum and get answered by the StretchGO experts. The forum is accessed by clicking the "STRETCH NOW" link on the top menu.

However, to become an Expert, you will need to get verified as an Expert in a certain field. These are the members who do earn GO COINS as income for the wonderful work they help at StretchGO. They Stretch an Extra mile to those in need of clarifications on different activities of daily living.

To do this, you need to make an application by following the steps outlines in this Experts application process link.

After sending these details, you will need to wait patiently to be approved. When approved, your membership will be upgraded to "EXPERT" level and you can now start helping people with your expertise on the forum.


a). An EXPERT member can be in NEED but an IN NEED member cannot play an expert role on StretchGO.

b). All applications will be attended to if they meet all requirements. This depends on case by case basis. Please be patient after your application. You may also check on our careers page and announcements section to apply when certain expert openings are live. It is during these periods that we have most experts recruited faster.

2.0. How to earn GO coins.

GO coins is the value you earn when you help those in need on the StretchGO platform. To earn, you join, post tutorials on topics which you are passionate about, share your posts with readers in social, search, and blog media, and participate in discussions raised by other StretchGO members. You can also refer other users using your referral link located inside your activity page. For Experts, the activities that help them earn GO coins are more than for IN NEEDS. The rate is also higher.

If you want to earn GO coins by posting new guides/tutorials or questions that other people might be looking for, you will need to follow the relevant posting guide as detailed on: Types of content which will drive the GO coin to a great value - an Expert guide.

To earn GO coins by replies to questions, you must follow the replies rules as detailed here and the guidelines as highlighted on this link on replies.

3.0. How to withdraw GO coins.

It is simple to withdraw earned GO coins. Locate the Withdraw GO coins section on the right of the StretchGO platform and request a withdrawal via Paypal or Mpesa. You must own a valid paypal account or Mpesa Number to withdraw GO coins.

The conversion rate is maintained by StretchGO and is communicated before any payroll session.

StretchGO pays bi-monthly (every two weeks) and you can only request withdrawal during a payroll session (either 15th to 17th or 1st to 3rd of every month).

You will be paid using:


1. Mpesa ===> Read here for The process to withdraw to Mpesa .

2. Paypal ===> Locate the Paypal withdrawal method on the right panel of StretchGO platform during payroll sessions. 




In the light of the upcoming payroll session, please request withdrawals between 16th and 17th of this month (October, 2017) because 15th is on a weekend. Rates: 1 GO coin = Usd. 1.04 (Paypal) 1 GO coin = Ksh. 104 (Mpesa) Regards, Billing Team.