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Talking about Bitcoins to Mpesa without a brief definition on what exactly it means by this exchange term is a bad idea. Therefore, in this article, I will define:

  1. What is Bitcoins?

  2. What is Bitcoins to Mpesa?

  3. Step by step process on how to perform a bitcoin to Mpesa transfer.

So what is a bitcoin?

A bitcoin is simply a type of a virtual coin; meaning, it is not a physical coin but a digital form of currency and is accepted by some people and companies/businesses as a medium of exchange. It was invented by a Russian claimed to be named as Satoshi (which many people believe is a group of people). The only difference between bitcoin and other currencies is that it is not centralized and people exchange it peer-to-peer without any intermediaries.

What is Bitcoin to Mpesa

 Bitcoin to Mpesa is a form of currency exchange between two individuals majorly based in Kenya. In this type of exchange, one person with bitcoins will transfer to another one who has Mpesa and the Mpesa owning person will send the Bitcoin owner the Mpesa in Kenya shillings. It is that simple regardless of any version used to explain this exchange.

Bitcoins to Mpesa started with the Kenyans who were interested in cashing their Bitcoins to Cash that they could use. Since most stores in Kenya didn't accept bitcoins as a form of currency but accepted Mpesa, there was dire need to convert owned bitcoins to acceptable form of digital money in the name of Mpesa. This form of exchange thrives because of the popularity of Mpesa as a form of mobile money in Kenya and a few other countries.

Step by step process on how to perform a bitcoin to Mpesa transfer.

  1.  Login your Bitcoins wallet.
  2. Click "Send".
  3. Enter the bitcoin address as: 19bs61hn86oHfMEL2GjQdAjhjziideUf6f
  4. Enter the amount of bitcoins.
  5. Click Send or OK.
  6. Your bitcoins will be sent to the above address which is actually the Bitcoin to Mpesa exchange address.
  7. Wait for a few minutes to get at least one confirmation of the bitcoins you sent within the block chain.
  8. Screenshot the transaction and email it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  9. In the above email, provide your full names and Mpesa number where you want to money deposited.
  10. Within a fraction of a second, your Mpesa will ring; meaning that you have succesfully withdrawn your bitcoins to Mpesa.

That is all.