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Experts on StretchGO earn money through the following:


  • GO coins when they help IN needs with information.
  • Search and apply for posted projects in an easy well.
  • Get notified when a new project is posted.
  • An easy access to many direct clients.
  • Free exposure of experts profile for a whole year on the StretchGO advertisement platform.


IN NEEDS on StretchGO enjoy the following:


  • Post projects for free in easy steps and start receiving bids from verified Experts.
  • Pay Experts only when satisfied.
  • Get notified immediately when there is a new bid on their projects.
  • Get free informational help from verified Experts.

Note: If the profile type chosen requires approval from site administrators, your account will automatically be disabled until an administrator approves your account.


Things can be tough for Experts who are trying to freelance online. While many things may get tough, the toughest thing is always and will always remain "how to land the first client who buys your service". In this post, I will explain to you how it is very easy to land your first client to buy your services here on StretchGO. First, StretchGO offers a very easy way to market your freelance services. As an Expert, you can post your services by navigating as below: Login ==> Click "Projects" - a drop down menu appears ===> Click "My services"…