Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

  • StretchGO is an online platform where those IN NEED meet EXPERTS who help them. Help on StretchGO platform could be in the form of information, employment, services, or goods.

  • StretchGO helps you get answers on what you need, employment from Job posters, goods and services. For the experts, StretchGO is the best platform to display your expertise. You may land a job from a reader who likes your answers and tutorials. In addition, Experts earn GO coins which they can withdraw to cash during payroll sessions.

  • StretchGO Expert members earn GO coins for the value they provide on the StretchGO platform. Specifically, everyone on StretchGO earns GO coins to attach a value for the good work they provide on StretchGO. But only the EXPERTS can withdraw these GO coins to cash during payroll periods. For other users, the GO coins accumulated can also be withdrawn to cash after StretchGO upgrades their account to EXPERT - verified level. You earn GO coins by posting guides and tutorials, answering questions on the StretchGO platform and by¬† referring your friends and family. Experts too have additional ways of earning…

  • There is no payment you will ever make to join StretchGO. It is FREE and will forever remain free. You will also pay nothing for getting upgraded to EXPERT-verified level. Just be the expert StretchGO needs.

  • Only EXPERTS get paid. Your account must be on EXPERT level to get paid for the GO coins you accumulate. As an Expert, you will get paid after you request a withdrawal. There are no automatic payments. You must request a withdrawal during payroll sessions.

  • If your account is on an IN NEED level, you will continue accumulating GO coins so long as you perform those activities that users perform to accumulate GO coins. You can request an Upgrade to Expert level so that you are able to withdraw your GO coins. As you patiently wait to satisfy the StretchGO HR team that you are an EXPERT in your field, you may cash your GO coins with other users who are willing to exchange your GO coins with cash. We advise you do this on a face to face meeting or with people you know.

  • Payroll sessions are bi-monthly (between 1st to 3rd and 15th and 17th each month). These are the only dates you can withdraw your GO coins.

  • During the payroll sessions, you can withdraw your GO coins to Mpesa by following these steps: 1. Locate the Withdraw to Mpesa option. It is found on the right side above the Announcements section. Check the illustration below. It will look like that. 2. Fill in the withdrawal fields as stated ans submit. 3. Be patient as your withdrawal will be processed within 72 hours from the date and time of withdrawal. NOTE: The "Withdraw to Mpesa" option will be available on your account only if you are an Expert and during payroll sessions. If you cannot view this option,…

  • StretchGO has a huge traffic averaging around 1500 impressions and 1000 Uniques everyday. Because of this, many businesses, individuals and organizations use StretchGO to get eyeballs on their products and services. We offer this services (advertisement) at an affordable cost. This is what finances entire operations at StretchGO. If you would like getting your products advertised to our handsome website traffic, you can email our Advertising Department on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you will get a favorable quote which will be value for money.


In the light of the upcoming payroll session, please request withdrawals between 16th and 17th of this month (October, 2017) because 15th is on a weekend. Rates: 1 GO coin = Usd. 1.04 (Paypal) 1 GO coin = Ksh. 104 (Mpesa) Regards, Billing Team.