Freelance writing jobs for beginners

If you are looking for a freelance writing job for beginners, here is the best platform which offers you 24/7 freelance writing jobs. It is called StretchGO. In this article, I will guide you on how to get freelance writing projects on StretchGO.

First, which are these freelance writing jobs for beginners on StretchGO?

StretchGO offers a platform for all freelance writers to earn money online from the comfort of their homes. You will get academic writing jobs, SEO article writing jobs, copy writing jobs, data entry jobs and transcription jobs which are found on StretchGO.

How to signup for these freelance writing jobs on StretchGO.

 1. Go to the home tab.

2, Click signup.

3. Click the "Expert" user type.

4. Proceed to choose the plan as "professional".

5. Proceed to checkout/pay the subscription fee for this plan to activate your freelance writing jobs account.

6. You will now be set to start receiving writing jobs from clients across the globe.

 Get a lot of freelance writing jobs through the following tricks.

a). Head to your dashboard when logged in.

b). Click the "projects" tab and then click "my services" tab.

c). Click the "Add a service" button.

d). Enter the services you are capable of completing and save. You can add as many services as possible. These services could be related to Freelance writing or any other service that you can comfortably offer.

At this step, clients will be able to order directly from you.

Get ready freelance writing jobs on the StretchGO platform.

Apart from the above step that help you get clients ordering your services directly, you can also search for open freelance writing projects that are found on your account.

1). Login.

2). Locate the "projects" tab.

3). Click "latest projects".

4). Browse through the available "open" projects and bid on them stating the reason you are best to complete that task.

5). You will be selected if your bid is the best and complete for a pay.

Get even more freelance writing jobs on StretchGO. Let them come really fast to you.

You can also follow the steps below to get many freelance writing clients.

Step 1: Locate the service that you want to promote and get many clients.

Step 2: Copy the link to that service.

Step 3: Go to and create an advertiser account.

Step 4: Your advertiser account will be funded with a bonus of $100 to start you off with free advertising of your StretchGO services.

This will get you started as a beginner in freelance writing.

Step 5: Now, go create adverts on the above advertisement platform and use the url/link to your StretchGO services. You may place either banner or text ads.

Step 6. Review the performance of your ads by checking the reports and also the orders you receive for your StretchGO services.

Step 7. Make adjustments accordingly to receive as many clients to your services as possible.

Step 8. Satisfy your new clients and get direct referrals from them as well as return orders.

I take this opportunity to wish you the best of success in your freelance writing career of StretchGO.



Things can be tough for Experts who are trying to freelance online. While many things may get tough, the toughest thing is always and will always remain "how to land the first client who buys your service". In this post, I will explain to you how it is very easy to land your first client to buy your services here on StretchGO. First, StretchGO offers a very easy way to market your freelance services. As an Expert, you can post your services by navigating as below: Login ==> Click "Projects" - a drop down menu appears ===> Click "My services"…