Earn more GO coins

To earn additional GO coins to the ones you earned when you joined, you need to be actively involved in the following easy tasks which earn you different values of Go coins:

  • Posting topics on the "Stretch now" forum. This actually earns you ZERO coins if it is a pure question; but will help you come up with a topic which other StretchGO users can follow and when they seek clarifications, you earn GO coins when you answer their concerns on that thread. If a topic is an original or non-plagiarized tutorial, you will earn GO coins.
  • Replying to other threads including your own thread: This will earn you Go coins for sure.
  • Referring other users to join StretchGO. This earns you Go coins when those users successfully register on StretchGO. Click "ACTIVITY" link when logged in and locate your personal referral link. Post this link on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, on others blogs and media and Earn Go coins.
  • Experts earn more for referrals, posting and replies than IN NEEDS or Experts on mentorship.
  • Earn GO coins when your Posts are viewed by traffic from non-StretchGO members (FOR experts only).
  • Earn GO coins when you help a StretchGO member cash GO coins during an emergency. You determine the rate (For Experts only).
  • Withdraw GO coins on payroll sessions via Mpesa and Paypal (FOR EXPERTS ONLY).



We are now extending our help to the IN NEEDS from INFORMATIONAL help to REAL/ACTUAL help. We want those looking for services and goods to get those services and goods from our experts; not just the information. With this new extension of the help our EXPERTS offer, the IN NEEDS are going to order for services and goods from the EXPERTS right here on StretchGO. We know that IN NEEDS need: 1). Information ==> They are looking first to get informed before they make another step. Our Experts will continue offering this informational support to the IN NEEDS. 2). The…