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Expose your business to a high converting audience through StretchGO Ads.

Why StretchGO Ads

  1. Over 98% of the audience is in Need. If they are looking for something, they will definitely signup or subscribe to your business or service if you are offering it.
  2. We offer contextual ads placement. This means if a visitor is viewing content about something, only the adverts related to that content will be availed. This results to high click through rates (CTR).
  3. We charge per click. We only charge you only when a real visitor lands on your business or services.
  4. We rely on a large network of publishers and high content forums whose major source of traffic is search engines.
  5. We are affordable. Our costs is based on PPC at as low as 0.01 usd per click.
  6. We offer both banner and text ads.

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In the light of the upcoming payroll session, please request withdrawals between 16th and 17th of this month (October, 2017) because 15th is on a weekend. Rates: 1 GO coin = Usd. 1.04 (Paypal) 1 GO coin = Ksh. 104 (Mpesa) Regards, Billing Team.