Blue Flower

The StretchGO PHP SDK is a set of classes and methods which help you create a dynamic website within minutes. Currently, the StretchGO PHP SDK can help create the following types of websites and web-apps with ease:

1. Tours website.

2. Project bidding website.

3. Online Payment gateway website.

4. Content writing website.

5. Academic writing website.

All you need is to do the following:

1. Get your preferred HTML template or create yours.

2. Download the StretchGO PHP SDK

3. Install it in your server.

4. Follow the lessons found on the StretchGO's code area.

With this only, you will be able to install, customize and complete a website of your wish.

What additional tasks can the StretchGO PHP SDK do?

  1. It can help you integrate mobile payment gateways with your website namely: Mpesa, MTN.
  2. It can help you integrate your website with online payment gateways namely: Paypal, Skrill.
  3. It can help you integrate your website with Banks for credit card payments and bank transfers: Namely: Equity Bank, UBA bank.