About us

StretchGO is an online platform where people meet experts who guide them on issues or activities of daily living (ADLs). Those IN NEED may be assisted through:

  1. Having their questions answered.
  2. Having their problems solved.
  3. Having their needed services and goods offered or sold to them by the verified Experts.

The people who need help are known as IN  NEEDS while those who help them are known as EXPERTS.

A user registers on StretchGO as an IN NEED by default and can have his or her account verified and upgraded to an EXPERT level through an application-upgrade process.


StretchGO was founded in the year 2012 by StretchGO international. It was founded in Kenya during the month of December, 2012 to bridge the gap between the search of expertise information and the dedication of experts to provide that information in a timely manner. Today, StretchGO operates in USA, UK, AFRICA, and ASIA.


StretchGO' services include:

1. Work from home platform where EXPERTS earn GO coins by performing several valued activities on the StretchGO forum.

2. The best marketing platform for your goods and services offered within and outside the StretchGO platform.

2. A forum where those in need can ask questions and have then answered in a timely manner by verified Experts.


A GO COIN is the unit of measuring a user's activity at StretchGO. This unit can be equated into monetary value depending on the overall performance of the entire StretchGO platform. Today, StretchGO has more than 3 million GO coins attached to different users.

During the AGM payroll session, StretchGO announces the current value of a GO coin and all EXPERT users are allowed to request a withdrawal of their earned GO coins. The converted value is then paid to the requesting payment method and account.

<!---------------------New information update ------------------------------------------>

StretchGO has released a formula for calculating the GO coin value. It is now easy to know how much a GO coin is before the announcements and help you project.







We are now extending our help to the IN NEEDS from INFORMATIONAL help to REAL/ACTUAL help. We want those looking for services and goods to get those services and goods from our experts; not just the information. With this new extension of the help our EXPERTS offer, the IN NEEDS are going to order for services and goods from the EXPERTS right here on StretchGO. We know that IN NEEDS need: 1). Information ==> They are looking first to get informed before they make another step. Our Experts will continue offering this informational support to the IN NEEDS. 2). The…