We are now extending our help to the IN NEEDS from INFORMATIONAL help to REAL/ACTUAL help. We want those looking for services and goods to get those services and goods from our experts; not just the information.

With this new extension of the help our EXPERTS offer, the IN NEEDS are going to order for services and goods from the EXPERTS right here on StretchGO.

We know that IN NEEDS need:

1). Information ==> They are looking first to get informed before they make another step. Our Experts will continue offering this informational support to the IN NEEDS.

2). The real service or Good ===> Some of the IN NEEDS go an extra mile and purchase the goods and services whose information they were looking for. Before, this was offered purely by the advertisers. As a StretchGO Expert, you can offer the services directly on the page with that relevant information.

This extension of services comes with a few changes:

a). Withdrawals of money earned from the sell of your services and goods will be withdrawn by the Expert immediately the services or goods are successfully delivered to the IN NEED (in this case the Expert's customer). Once you have the payment in your account, withdraw and have it delivered immediately to your withdrawal method.

b). GO coins remain the Value of the informational help you offer to the IN NEEDS looking for information. The Experts benefit from this by getting allowed to post the links to their service profiles and posts. For instance, if an IN NEED was looking for information on "how to do SEO", the SEO expert can help with information on how to best do it and suggest to the IN NEED to order his/her SEO services via the StretchGO service link to his or profile or gig.

In addition, the GO coins earned will be withdrawn once per year during AGM sessions (Held every January 16th of Each year). They will be a measure of what informational help Experts were able to offer to the IN NEEDS during the completed financial year.

The value of GO coins will now GO up with this new implementation and Experts will be able to earn more with their Experts accounts.

Read How it works section to understand what you need to do with the new changes.

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