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Experts on StretchGO earn money through the following:


  • GO coins when they help IN needs with information.
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  • Post projects for free in easy steps and start receiving bids from verified Experts.
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  • Get free informational help from verified Experts.

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What is going on? on StretchGO

    • Is the ban of plastic bags an effective way of environmental conservation?
    • Yes.Ban of plastic bags is a very effective way of environment conservation. -when such bags are burnt they produce gas that pollutes the air -Plastic bags do not decompose fully and when they get scattered they dirtify the environment -Animals like cows sheep and goats consume plastic bags as they graze causing death
    • 1 hour 46 minutes ago
    • Abortion
    • The youth would rather do the abortion than tell their parents because of the outcome. Most parents want to protect their name, their image in the society. They are so concerned of what people will say other than the well being of their children. So they will opt to just do the abortion since no one will know. In my opinion, the parents should thrive to understand their children. And it happens that they are pregnant, talk to them, council them and help they raise the child. Don't turn your back on them for the sake of your name in the society
    • 2 hours 57 minutes ago

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