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    • Go coins
    • I'm impressed on the clear explanation given in regard to valuation of the go coins. It needs us to stick to our category and give valid answers to earn the coins. Thanks.
    • 8 hours 33 minutes ago
    • What is Anaphylaxis?
    • Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction where the whole body is involved. It is a life threatening hence it can cause death. The most common reaction are the food allergies,insect bites and medication allergies.
    • 8 hours 36 minutes ago
    • Hello,one Go-coin is equivalent to how much in ksh?
    • One Go-coin can be equivalent to the value of the dollar at that particular moment. Like last payroll session it was 104 ksh... So it can go up or down depending on the value of our activities.
    • 8 hours 47 minutes ago
    • Earning
    • I believe that earning of 0.10 will be back with time as the value of our activities improve. So let's try our best to give valid answers to attract more people.
    • 8 hours 51 minutes ago

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