Withdrawing from paypal in kenya in five minutes

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Withdrawing from paypal in kenya in five minutes

Withdrawing your funds from Paypal account in Kenya to Mpesa is as easy as ABC. At StretchGO.com, it entails a two step process that will ensure that your money lands on your Mpesa account within only 5 minutes. If you have money in your paypal account that you need deposited in your Mpesa account in Kenya, then read on. In case you have no paypal account and you are in Kenya, get one paypal account for Kenyans here

If you have a paypal account and you have funds that you need to withdraw in Kenya to Mpesa, go to stretchgo.com and fill in the details needed and proceed to go in the website to make the payment which will transfer your money from paypal to Mpesa. 

For this worried about paypal, it is the word's best and fastest method to get paid and also to send payment. You can earn money online in Kenya and get paid via paypal. Many people say that Paypal does not work in Kenya. But that is so false. Paypal works very fine in Kenya and since 2010, paypal allowed Kenyans to be able to receive paypal money from their online sales and be able to have a positive balance on their paypal account. 

However, the hardest thing is to withdraw from paypal in Kenya banks to a local bank. That is why we brought about this solution for you. It enables you withdraw from your paypal to your Mpesa line within only 5 minutes. The above button will walk you through the short step process that will ensure that your withdrawal is secure, fast, and legitimate.

Below are the steps that you will go through when getting your paypal money from your paypal account to your Mpesa account in Kenya shillings:

Step 1: If you are not yet registered, go to stretchgo.com. register as direct stretchgo.com client. 

Step 2: Log in and click on deposit,choose paypal option and withdraw paypal to stretchgo account

step 3:Go back to our page and click withdraw,choose bank transfer option.

step 4: Fill in the details as they are needed.

step 5: submit your withdrawal request.

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