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Do you want or need to transfer money from paypal to mpesa? If yes, Transfer money or your cash from paypal to Mpesa in few steps at First, this option works for Kenyans. This is a solution on this website started in the year 2012 and still persists while many Paypal to Mpesa agents close and new open pending closure. Throughout these years, we have learnt many aspects like your privacy, money laundering facts, e-commerce difficulties of the average Kenyan. Today, we are sure we are the most well-equipped Paypal to Mpesa transfer agents  who will ensure that your money is send from your paypal account to your Mpesa account. 

Need to withdraw money from Paypal to Mpesa, if so, click the button below now:

Paypal to Mpesa

Well, let us analyze why we are the best platform to help you transfer money from paypal to mpesa:

1. We are fast and your paypal withdraw will land in your Safaricom Mpesa line within minutes of withdrawing.

2. We are legitimate and no one ever experienced any scams with our platform. Ours is to offer you this Paypal exchange service as we promise it and nothing more.

3. We are online 24/7 to answer all your questions. Feel free to call us, email us, post a question on our Paypal withdrawal discussion board and even chat with our online customer representatives any time.

4. Our website works instantly and you do not need to call us to deposit the funds in your secure StretchGO account. Simply login, deposit and withdraw.

5. The withdrawal process is supervised and approved by our billing personnel. Therefore, there are no chances of errors in place. Ours is a 100% guaranteed Paypal to Mpesa service.

6. StretchGO is a secure website working will ssl secured servers. You access our website via which means everything on our platform is secured and no reason to doubt security of your paypal to Mpesa transaction.

7. 100% refund policy. If we cannot deliver our paypal to Mpesa due to some genuine reasons, be sure you will receive a refund within minutes. No need to worry when transferring funds at StretchGO. Ours is either a complete transaction (meaning money lands on your Mpesa account) or 100% refund (meaning money will be refunded to your paypal account). In very few cases will you have funds refunded. Simply trust us and smile always as soon as you transfer money with us.

Below are the steps to follow when transferring your paypal dollars to Mpesa:

 If you are a Kenyan who has a registered Mpesa line, follow the following steps and get your cash transferred to your Mpesa line cheaply, legitimately, fastest, and through the most affordable paypal to Mpesa service:

Step 1: Register or login in When you register, you get yourself an account that you will use always. So, you are not going to register every time you need to transfer funds from your paypal account to Mpesa in Kenya. There are two different ways to signup or register at One of these ways is through the StretchGO core registration form. Another easy way is register via the Facebook signup button. Either way, it will work for you. 

Note: Registration at is very secure. You access the site through a secured socket layer (SSL) as which ensures that your data is very secure across the web. Therefore, feel at home. This is the most secure way to transfer money from your paypal account to Mpesa in Kenya. 

Step 2: When through with the signup process, you will receive an email in your email account, Check it. It is an activation email that wants to ensure that you are the real owner of the email address you are using to register with on This process is very vital to us because we want to ensure that no single person can use your email address to register for an account at It is an activation email. Therefore, click the activation link provided in that email. When clicked, you now activate your StretchGO account and you are only few clicks to get your money from your paypal account withdrawn via Mpesa.

Note: This is not a slow process to get your money from paypal to Mpesa. Ofcourse you will pay commission for the service that will ensure that you will receive cash almost instantly in your Mpesa line. Normally, the process takes place within 10 minutes during which your account is reviewed against the National ID copies and finally the transaction is approved by our cashiers and money rings in your Mpesa account. Only after this approval will you receive the money in your Mpesa account. Do not worry at all in case you feel that the transaction might be rejected after review because you will receive a full refund to your Paypal account in case of that. Mostly, because we are following Anti-money laundering policies and guidelines, we have to check all transactions and ask the necessary information to identify every client in our system; this is what guides our approval of your transaction or its rejection. 

Step 3: Login your StretchGO a.c. Normally this is the first step for those who already have an account with When logged in for the first time, you might need to access the dashboard which is not always available after account activation. To do so, click the "dashboard" and you will land on the dashboard with deposit, withdrawal, manage funds, calculator, Mpesa to Paypal, and transaction history links. 

 Step 4: Simply click "Deposit funds" link, choose paypal, and proceed to pay via paypal. This process will help you transfer your paypal dollars to your StretchGO account for sure. There are many ways you can use your StretchGO funds. Proceed to last step if you need these dollars sent to your Mpesa account.

Step 5: Click "withdraw funds", choose "Bank transfer" and you will see instructions for the information needed so that these funds will be wired to your Mpesa line. That is all. As soon as you click the submit button after entering the required Mpesa information, you will wait for like 10 minutes and see an Mpesa message  that confirms that you will have received your Paypal dollars in your Mpesa account in Kenya shillings. 

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