StretchGO offers the following services:

  • Virtual currency services

    : You can purchase StretchGO coins using any method provided on the deposit page. You can withdraw these deposited StretchGO coins any time using the methods listed on our Withdrawal page.


  • Online profit business

    : StretchGO coins do multiply when you help someone who is need of an exchange on the exchanges platform. If you deposit and withdraw immediately, you make a loss, but you can bid on a transaction needed by a client on the exchanges platform through which you will make a profit. 

The major point to note is that at StretchGO, there are two types of users:

  1. Client
  2. Investor

It is between these two types of users that StretchGO offers her services.

Specifically, a client is one who is looking for a money exchange assistance. He or she therefore visits StretchGO and posts a money projects which seeks to exchange money from one gateway to another.

For instance, in a case where a client posts a project like this "$30 From Papal to Mpesa", it means that the client has $30 of paypal and needs a fast exchange to Mpesa ksh.

By clicking " In need? Post now" link, this client will let many investors registered and active on StretchGO to know that he or she is looking for Mpesa in exchange of his $30 paypal.

The investors are those people who have joined StretchGO to help clients have the currency they need in the gateway they need it. They will then login and visit the money project post and make bids. By making bids, they are simply saying that they will offer a certain amount of money in exchange for that the money posted. 

The client will then go through all the bids and select his or her preferred bid amount.

The investor will have time to accept or deny the selection. When a bid accepted, both the investor and client load their accounts with money as per bid and project total then the exchange is completed by StretchGO tellers.

The client will escrow the funds to the investor and his account will be topped.

Since there very many investors on StretchGO, you can assured that your project will receive bids within seconds and get completed within minutes.

Very secure, just work on money projects not projects for money.