Paypal to Mpesa withdrawals revolutionalized

Category: Products and service reviews Created: Monday, 20 January 2014 Written by stretchgo

Paypal to Mpesa withdrawals have been revolutionized at These are services we offer in Kenya to help you move cash from your own paypal account to a Kenyan Mpesa registered safaricom line. First, let us re-visit the process which will get your paypal dollars in the safest way to your Mpesa account in Kenya shillings:

The first thing is to register at Registration is free and will always be free. As soon as you complete registration, you will be prompted to check in your email account and activate your account. Once you activate you will be able to login. Click the "home" page and you are good to go. If you already has registered before of have an active account, you simply need to just login and proceed with the rest steps of this process to transfer your hard earned cash from paypal to Mpesa.

As soon as you login, click "Deposit funds" Link. This helps you fund your StretchGO a.c in preparation to withdraw from your StretchGO account to Mpesa. Do not be worried, you are undergoing this process through a very secure environment at Therefore, you are assured that there will be no data leakage or anything. Your transferred paypal dollars will be credited to your StretchGO ready for your own use. Paypal website is very secure and so is StretchGO website. With our deep security layers, we are sure you are going to like.

There are many ways you can use your StretchGO balance.

1. You can purchase an SEO subscription with it at StretchGO.

2. You can use it to pay for a website script.

3. If you need it in kenya shillings, you can withdraw any money deposited on StretchGO account at any given time to your Mpesa number. Other ways you can withdraw is to skrill, to Bank account,  and to paypal depending on the destination of the added funds.

Click withdraw funds, choose "Bank transfer" method and enter the needed Mpesa details then submit. As soon a you submit your details, the system will queue your Paypal to Mpesa transfer for completion by our billing team.

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