Paypal to mpesa services

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Our Paypal to Mpesa services are very easy to follow. They do help you transfer your Paypal money to Mpesa. This services is also used by investors to earn a profit when they help you transfer money from Paypal to Mpesa.

This services happens here on StretchGO securely.

Let us now learn the steps you need to enjoy our Paypal to Mpesa services:

Step 1: Click the "In need? Post now" link on the top menu. This will allow you post a money project. A good example is when you write the topic as " I have $40 in paypal and need it exchanged to Mpesa".

Step 2: Wait for a few seconds. You will start getting bids. The Paypal to Mpesa agents will automatically get notified by the system that someone needs Mpesa and has paypal dollars.

Step 3: Check through the bids placed on your money project and select the one that suits you the most.

Step 4: When selecting, you will be prompted to deposit the amount of money you have in Paypal to your StretchGO account.

Step 5: Wait for a few seconds for the Paypal to Mpesa agent who you selected to accept your selection. When he/she is accepting your selection, he or she will be prompted by the system to deposit the amount you agreed on his StretchGO account. Wow. Now, at this point, the monies to be exchanged are on the StretchGO account and very secure.

Step 6: You will the need to escrow the monies to the selected user and immediately get the Mpesa cashed to your StretchGO account which you can withdraw in your Mpesa account.

That is all. You will have now learnt how you can get all the Paypal to Mpesa agents on StretchGO and how to select the best bid from them all.

Enjoy transferring Paypal to Mpesa.

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