Paypal to Mpesa service

Category: "How to" guides Created: Tuesday, 21 January 2014 Written by stretchgo

Paypal to Mpesa service helps people especially in Kenya to send money from their Paypal accounts to their Mpesa number. For you to do that, you should just visit where you are reading this information from. Now, are you ready to withdraw your paypal funds to Mpesa and be able to withdraw from an Mpesa agent? If yes, count your problems solved here on this website. Click this link to register and withdraw now below and transfer your paypal money to Mpesa now:

As soon as you complete the above first step, which will end as soon as you successfully transfer Paypal money to StretchGO, you will be redirected to sign in or sign up. This will get you an account where you will be able to monitor your paypal to Mpesa transactions.

The third step will be to push your funds to your Mpesa account. This is done when you are logged in StretchGO. Just click "FINANCE", then  "WITHDRAW FUNDS" and click paypal/Mpesa, enter the total available balance and enter your This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and click to submit.

As soon as you submit your paypal to Mpesa order, we will complete it within 24 hours and as soon as your receive money in your M-Pesa account, the transaction on your StretchGO account will be marked as completed.

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