Paypal to mpesa money transfer

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PayPal to Mpesa money transfer

What is PayPal to mpesa money transfer

PayPal to Mpesa is a money transfer method that involves the transfer of money from PayPal account to Mpesa account. While there is no direct link between Mpesa and Paypal, StretchGO ensures that this service is provided to you in the most secure and human-supervised manner. All you need is a paypal account and a Kenyan Mpesa registered phone number (safaricom mobile line to be precise).

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Paypal to Mpesa

But what is this paypal? Paypal is an international method which is most trusted and considered the safest method to transfer money across the internet. Kenyans can get paid via paypal, have a balance in their paypal account and withdraw it. To withdraw paypal to a local bank account in Kenya has never been possible and that is why we are here to help you receive your hard-earned income in your safaricom Mpesa line.

But what is this Mpesa? Mpesa is a Kenyan mobile payment gateway. You can receive and send money to and from a registered safaricom phone number. If you receive money, you can withdraw it from an Mpesa agent. These Mpesa agents are found all over across the country. So, easy. Just walk in, and ask for guidance from anywhere written "MPESA" services in any shop. Actually I discovered that there over 10 Mpesa agents in any market or town regardless of where the market or town is located in Kenya. Therefore, Mpesa remains a good way to receive your hard-earned cash from paypal and be assured of withdrawing it to hard-money regardless of your location. has made the process an easy one. PayPal is an international money transfer gateway while Mpesa is a local money transfer method. has made it possible for you to directly receive your PayPal money into your Mpesa account in a few easy steps. Easy enough? Yes, simply transfer money from an internet money gateway giant to a mobile money gateway giant.

How to transfer money from PayPal to Mpesa? requires that you register with us before you can start transacting. Registration is done once and other transactions are easy to do after the first registration. It is easy and quick, go to our site and click on register, fill your details as required before logging in. When you log in, all you need to do is deposit your PayPal money which should not be more that what is in your paypal account.

After depositing your PayPal cash, then click on withdraw to withdraw your cash, choose Bank transfer and enter your Mpesa details as needed on that page. It is after withdrawing that money when your cash will be sent into your Mpesa account as your details indicate.

How long does it take to transfer money from PayPal to Mpesa?

It takes just ten minutes to transfer your PayPal money to Mpesa. As long as you are registered, all you need is to withdraw and wait for the notification that you have already received the money through Mpesa. Our security department takes as little time as possible in security checks especially where large amounts of money have been withdrawn. Do not waste your time and online business, simply withdraw what you have earned.

Why use our service to transfer money from PayPal to Mpesa. is fast, efficient, easy, cheap and trusted in the transfer of PayPal to Mpesa. Our growing number of clients can give witness to our excellent services. Our system is secured and you can be sure of nothing but the best. Notice the https part of our urls. Yes, we are secure and that remains that. Apart from this, we have a security technical team that conducts serious security surveillance using security software for the sole reason of ensuring that StretchGO is the best place for your paypal to Mpesa transfers.

How much does it cost to transfer money from PayPal to Mpesa

Our online calculator is available for use so as the client can calculator his or her dollars against the Kenya shillings expected in Mpesa. Apart from that there are no other charges for using this service at The cost depends on the amount you are withdrawing. There is no percentage cost at all. Login and use the calculator. Simply enter the amount in dollars and press "calculate".

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