Paypal to Mpesa exchanges stresses most Kenyans

Category: Products and service reviews Created: Monday, 03 March 2014 Written by stretchgo

Paypal to Mpesa exchanges is a service provided for Kenyans by a Kenyan company known as StretchGO. Most Kenyans are stressed with the need to find reliable means to exchange their paypal with Mpesa. This is because Paypal has not yet allowed people in Kenya to withdraw their hard earned paypal cash to a local bank in Kenya. Mention paypal to Equity bank, Barclays, KCB etc and the bank manager will ask you what paypal is all about (smile). Update: Now Equity Bank Kenya seems aware of what Paypal means and actually is the fastest method of verifying a Paypal account in Kenya. 

However, most banks in Kenya do not even allow a Kenyan account holder to verify his or her paypal account with their debit or credit card. Therefore, while some are deluded that there could be a direct way to exchange money from paypal to Mpesa, others know that this is a need and they have to connect with someone with Mpesa and who is willing to take their paypal cash in exchange. This situation has seen the up-come of various websites that promise to exchange Paypal to Mpesa at high fees. Beware, most of these websites and blogs and a scam. Do not even try with them. You will loose your money to these con-artists. Work with a Paypal to Mpesa agent who has proven the test of time and is legitimate as per many users. 

However, there is a common trend of such websites that accept your Paypal in exchange of topping up your Mpesa account. These websites never take too long in operation because one or two reasons occur that make them stop doing the business. The most obvious reason is that paypal limits paypal accounts who are involved in money transfer services including banks. This is because they term this a high risk business and when such paypal accounts are limited, they are never activated. Update: Some of these accounts are activated according to the way the owners plead guilty or not. Normally, itself is looking for ways to counteract money-laundering and that is why such limitations are inevitable. 

In addition, most of those people who exchange paypal to Mpesa are scam or are not legitimate. Yes, they will take your paypal cash and disappear from the scenes never to come again. So, the big question that leaves you with a chance to comment is: IS THERE A GENUINE AND LEGITIMATE WAY TO WITHDRAW FROM PAYPAL TO MPESA IN Kenya?

The answer to the above question:

YES. A legitimate Paypal to Mpesa agent is available and this is why you are reading this. At StretchGO, you exchange paypal dollars with Mpesa at affordable fees, legitimately, and the process is very fast. Try today. 

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