Need to withdraw paypal to Mpesa in Kenya?

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While working and earning online, you would wish to make money and get paid via Paypal. This is because paypal is the world's largest and most trusted online payment gateway. However, in Kenya, there is no direct way to withdraw from paypal to Kenyan accounts. Therefore, getting a legitimate and trustworthy service to withdraw from Paypal to Mpesa is of paramount importance.

Personally I do work online as an SEO article writer. However, I have found out that websites that pay well to their writers do pay via Paypal. Therefore, I had to look for a way to withdraw my earned paypal money to Mpesa. I went on through lot of Google search after which I found out many solutions to get my paypal funds to Mpesa. Many of them turned to be scam until I came across StretchGO website. Wow, that was my solution to my paypal problems in Kenya.

Click here to withdraw from Paypal to Mpesa like me on StretchGO.

On StretchGO, you just access the link above and then transfer the cash on that page. The second step will be to create an account or login in case you already have an account at StretchGO. Most of the time, you will get someone online who will assist you in case you are stuck. 

Then finally, you will just click Push cash to Mpesa, then enter Mpesa details and submit. This will get you your money from paypal to Mpesa. In addition, these guys have online support and provide a mobile number which you can call any time in case you need to follow.

StretchGO paypal to Mpesa service is the best way to transfer from paypal to Mpesa. Try it and get back to me on my post. 

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