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Is there a way to send money from Mpesa to paypal or to Moneybookers? Well, while there is no automatic way to transfer your money from Mpesa to Paypal or Moneybookers, I just discovered that when you contact StretchGO, they can top up your Stretchlance account after you send the Mpesa to their Mpesa number. Once your Stretchlance account is topped up, you can now proceed and withdraw it to your paypal or monyebookers account.


 This is how to go about it:

  • Click the link above. This will take to a page where you will be asked to complete the withdrawal process in three simple steps.
  • After you enter the details needed: Mpesa number and amount to withdraw, click proceed.
  • This will take you to the secure paypal site where you will process the paypal money that you need to withdraw as entered in the form.
  • As soon as you paypal, you will be presented with an option to Go back to Click that option which will take you to our StretchGO's stretchlance platform.
  • On this platform, we just need your details so that we send your cash to the right person. Register as paypal seller and proceed till you complete all steps. Then login with the details as you provided. Ensure you register with the email that you used to send the cash via paypal. This ensures that the correct amount is matched with your details.
  • When logged in, Go straight and point "Finance" and click "manage funds". There will be your paypal amount as credited under your details. You are now just a step to get your cash in Mpesa.
  • You will notice that money will be loaded in your StretchGO account instantly so long as you have paid on paypal side.
  • Now, it is now time to get that cash in your Mpesa.
  • Point again on "Finance" option and click "Withdraw cash.
  • Select paypal as it is the only option here. Note, StretchGO doesnot want to risk your paypal account in the name of you tried to withdraw from paypal in case this might not be allowed in your country. So, the only option to withdraw is indicated as paypal. Do not worry. Proceed.
  • Click paypal as your withdrawal method and in the email part, enter your Mpesa number like this: If your mpesa number is 0726772828, enter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please be sure to replace the Mpesa number with your valid, registered number.
  • From there, StretchGO will transfer the withdrawn cash to your Mpesa.

Now, it is very easy to transfer money from your Mpesa to paypal or moneybookers. Wonderful trick? Yes, I think and it is very cost effective cos it costs only $3 to $5 for the service. Need to send your mpesa cash to your paypal or moneybookers account? Just check on the left, click login and register, proceed to Stretchlance and deposit your cash. Select bank transfer and the amount in dollars. After you check out, you will see the account details for the bank account where to send money. Under this is a phone number: while on that page, chat live with StretchGO support team in the chat below the page and they will allow you to send money to that mobile number (which is actually a mobile Mpesa number) and immediately approve the deposit that you just created.

After this, you should check your Stretchlance transaction history and you will find the balance in dollars. Now, proceed to withdraw and choose either paypal and add your paypal or moneybookers email address. Good to go, the withdrawal will be processed and you should see your money in paypal or moneybookers. This option allows you load your Mpesa or cash to your Paypal or moneybookers.

It is a trick and remains so. Why? Because Stretchlance is a place whereby you deposit funds and withdraw them with no scam at all.

To get your Mpesa loaded to Paypal, it is as simple as deposit and withdraw. And why not try this option? It is the cheapest across the globe and run by people who are available on online chat.

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