Withdraw from paypal in Eritrea and Ethiopia

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Withdraw from paypal in Eritrea and Ethiopia

Withdraw from paypal in Eritrea and Ethiopia is like day-dreaming. This is because paypal has decided that Eritrea is one of the places in Africa whose bank-policies do not match theirs and this withdrawing money or funds from their paypal accounts is a mystery. In this post, we will examine those possibilities available for Eritreans and Ethiopians to withdraw money from their paypal accounts.

To withdraw money from your paypal account in Eritrea and Ethiopians, you need to utilize any of the following methods. Number 1 is to paypal exchanger. There many paypal exchanger who allow you send them your paypal funds and they give you the same amount of money through another method. Some of the methods could paypal to moneybookers, paypal to alertpay and paypal to local bank via wire transfer. Well, this is very risky and you will be there having headaches when some one cons you. So beware of the scams out there.

The second method is to withdraw from paypal through a friend. If you can identify a friend in a country where withdrawing from a PayPal to bank account is not an issue, you can feel at home because if that person is trustworthy, you can send him the cash and he will send you the same cash via another method that is accepted in your country. Well, again, this method of withdrawing funds from paypal is very risky as this person may turn to be a con. Ensure you use close friends or relatives when withdrawing from PayPal via this method. However, again this may be not inline with paypal policy. So beware once more.

The third method is to withdraw paypal in Eritrea or Ethiopia to payoneer card. Well, Payoneer just indicated in their website that they will e introducing bank accounts that you can trace your money that companies will pay you via payoneer. This is very excellent. This is a bank account which is based in US and since Paypal needs you to withdraw money in Eritrea or Ethipia to a bank account, you can now withdraw money to the payoneer card.
This is working for many people.

The fourth method to withdraw money from paypal while in Eritrea or Ethiopia is to register a bank account in USA and use it. Remember, you will need to travel to USA and register a bank account and then withdraw. How many people can do this? Well, if you can afford, then us this method and it will work and it is 100% legal.

The last method is to ensure that your paypal account is using the surname of someone in USA most probably your relative. Then you can his or her bank account to withdraw money. Also, ensure that that friend or relative can give you access to that money via a withdrawing card like Visa card and there you will have your cash.

Used any of the above methods to withdraw cash from paypal in Eritrea and Ethiopia? Is yes, share your comments below.

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