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SEO, which is actually the short form for Search Engine Optimization is a technique that will definitely give you massive traffic when done well. Although idea is that their SEO team will work on the SEO of your blogs, assisting them will make your blogs stand out of the crowd and get the biggest share. Today, I will teach you how to SEO your blogs and websites. Tune in your eyes, brain, and scroll down as you note.

Now that will do SEO, you may want to ask me why I will teach you SEO today. But the fact is that they will not do a Key-word analysis, research, and key-word density for you. These are part of SEO which you must have done before writing your article. Now, let us get started.

Key-word research

You need to research your key words unless you want to write out of the blues and no one will ever come to read your blogs from the free massive organic SERPS. When doing this, you want to ascertain what people are searching and in which manner. The idea here is to ensure that you write what people will be searching online. If you need organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, please write what people will be searching.

Go to Google Key word search (type this on Google) and search anything. This will bring to your eyes key phrases which people are globally and locally searching. Look for those which have great traffic by with medium of low competition. Again, stop concentrating on high competitive key-words as you will find it hard ranking on top of search engines with it. Then use the key-words to write your articles. Mention them at the beginning, middle and towards the end. Avoid high density as this will be noted as spam especially by Google.

Another method to search the key-words that people are searching is to search anything that you are interested writing about. Then check at the bottom of Google SERPS. There you will find related search phrases that people have and are searching on Google. The goal here is to concentrate with what people are searching about.

The final thing is to ensure you check the position of your post on search engines. The first position may not be nice to you. Work around the clock until you have what I personally called "SEO computer screen height". This is the subject of my next blog post.

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