How to withdraw money from paypal to mpesa

Category: "How to" guides Created: Tuesday, 21 January 2014 Written by stretchgo

This is the time you can withdraw money from Paypal to Mpesa without hustles and at a rate that you can control. But how?

 StretchGO has started a new method for you to enjoy withdrawing from your paypal account to Mpesa within minutes. Below are the ways you can follow to have your Money withdrawn from Paypal to Mpesa within minutes.

1. Post a need by clicking "In need? Post now" link on the top menu of this website. You will need to be registered and logged in.

2. The above step helps you post a money project. An example is" "I need to withdraw $40 from Paypal to Mpesa".

3. During the posting, be sure you post the range in dollars that you can accept.

4. As soon as you are done posting, investors will bid on your money project.

5. Select your most prefered bid. Of course, you want the one that has a good rate for your paypal dollar.

6. Get cashed immediately as soon as upload your Paypal dollars into your StretchGO account.

That is it. Get started now and withdraw from Paypal to Mpesa.

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