Cheap method to withdraw paypal to Mpesa

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Cheap method to withdraw PayPal to Mpesa

Need a cheap method to withdraw from PayPal to Mpesa? If you need a way that is cheap, legitimate, and fast method to send your PayPal money to Mpesa safely, then StretchGO is the best place to trust your money with. I am sure as Kenyans, we would want to pay less and access the money in our PayPal accounts in Mpesa. This has been made very simple and trustworthy by Click the button below to get started and get your PayPal dollars in Mpesa.

Is this method cheap

How is this method to send money from PayPal to Mpesa cheap? Yes it is cheap. In cheap as a term, you want what is affordable and be able to receive your cash. You also want to be able to enjoy your cash. This means while you are promised to receive the cash, you do finally receive the cash and that is what StretchGO is focused on. There is actually no need to promise you a high rate of your PayPal dollars and never send you money at all.

At StretchGo, we do ensure that the money we promise you is the money that we will send to you. Therefore, you have a platform to trust for sure.

Steps to withdraw from paypal cheaply to Mpesa.

Step 1: Register on Click this link to register as a client.

Step 2: Deposit funds when logged in the dashboard.

Step 3: withdraw to Mpesa.


That is all. Very cheap, legitimate, affordable, best method to withdraw from paypal to Mpesa in Kenya.


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