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Buy Mpesa with Paypal is service provided by StretchGO to help Kenyans purchase Mpesa Kenya shillings and pay via Paypal. How is this possible? Well, we are legitimately enabling Kenyans access their paypal dollars easily to their Safaricom mobile phone numbers.

Buy Mpesa with Paypal easily at StretchGO today. It is a very good way to withdraw paypal to your Mpesa pap. To buy Mpesa with paypal, you simply need to register at StretchGO, and get buying your Mpesa.This costs you only $2 to $4 to buy Mpesa with your paypal. The cost actually depends on the amount that you need to buy and we have an online calculator to facilitate this. Kindly register and login to access this paypal to Mpesa calculator.

How to go about it in simple steps that see to it that you purchase Mpesa Kenya shillings and pay using your Kenyan registered Paypal account.

If registered here, go about it as below:

1. Log in using the names you registered with.

2. Click on deposit and deposit the amount you need to withdraw to Mpesa. click on PayPal option. Proceed with checkout process till you successfully make a payment on PayPal end. Once done, go back to StretchGO and you should see you balance has increased with the amount you have paid at Paypal end.

3. Click on withdraw funds.

4. Choose bank transfer. Do not worry, we treat Mpesa as a bank and this other Mpesa options will be provided in this selection.

5. Enter your Mpesa number in the bank account number option.

6. Bank name put mpesa

7. Enter your names as they are registered with your mpesa number. This is to be entered on the account holders field.

Note: Leave the IBAN and Swift code fields because you simply need Mpesa Kenyan shillings.

If you are not yet registered, register and start enjoying simple way to exchange paypal to mpesa.

Buying Mpesa with paypal has never been that easy. This service will cost you only $2 to $4. Another good thing about this option is that it allows you to chat with support online and be able to know the exact date and time when you will receive your cash. Also, when you buy Mpesa with paypal on StretchGO, you can track the progress of your withdrawal on the "Manage payments" and "Transaction History parts of the "Finance option".

What do you enjoy as a registered Member at

  • You can buy Mpesa with paypal at a good rate.
  • You can buy paypal with Mpesa at the best rate.
  • You can buy Moneybookers with Mpesa.
  • You can withdraw Paypal to Mpesa, moneybookers, and bank.
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