About StretchGO

StretchGO is an online platform where people meet to exchange virtual currencies from one gateway to another. Through this platform, you can:

  • Deposit your online cash and withdraw it.
  • You can help other people exchange their online money at a profit and via a secure escrow platform.

On StretchGO, all the members here are verified. This means that you are assured of top security for your monies. In addition, StretchGO is your security for any transaction and you will never loose anything.

What StretchGO means:

StretchGO means==> To Stretch and GO. Never be rigid in life. Be elastic and succeed. We got you covered in all your online exchanges.

Subscriptions plans:

StretchGO offers this secure exchange platform at a fee of $5 per year. Only those subscribed and verified will be able to securely trade on this platform. The subscription fee enables us to take an extra mile and verify your credentials to facilitate a trustworthy money exchange platform. That is why we say, we cover anyone doing business on this platform because we have verified our members.

You can deposit money via:

The deposit methods are shown on our deposit option.

You can withdraw money via:

The withdrawal methods are shown on our withdrawal option.

What to do if you need to exchange money from one method to another:

Just click "In need? Post" link on the top menu and post something like this:

Topic: I need to exchange Paypal to Mpesa".

Budget: choose fixed and state the amount.

Then choose how long you wish to have this post open.

Post and wait for bids.

People will start bidding with the amount they wish to buy your online cash.

Select the bid that interests you the most.

Escrow the funds to that user.

StretchGO will then fund his account and allow you to withdraw your funds to Mpesa. In reality, the person will have purchased the funds into his account so that he gets that amount you had agreed in exchange of those funds. You will therefore, receive the monies you had agreed to your Mpesa.

The same case applies for all inter-gateway and inter-method transfers.

The person who helped you exchange will earn a profit or loss. It all depends on him/her.

Our work is to ensure you loose nothing at the end of the day because you will not deal with anyone you know nothing about.

In short, we got you covered.